The 3 crucial reasons private tuition creates success

Tuition leads to success

The 3 reasons tuition can lead to an increased chance of success

Make success happen

At Hamburg Maths Tutors, we are often asked questions like ‘is maths tuition right for my child?’ and ‘does it  work?’
To us, the answer to these questions will always be an emphatic YES! We’ve seen many students – of all age ranges and abilities – come into our lessons and achieve real progress, time and time again.
There are several reasons why extra tuition can help students reach their goals, but we want to talk about 3 of the most important ones:

Build a relaxed environment

Classrooms are great places to learn broad concepts and to work as a group, but to many children they can also be quite daunting…
Imagine the scene, you haven’t been following what your teacher has said for about 10 minutes. The topic is becoming increasingly difficult and you don’t feel like you even understood it from the start. Suddenly, your teacher asks you to try and answer a question. All of the other children in the classroom turn to you, waiting for you to either give them the answer… or fail.
Think about the fear and angst your child would feel in this situation. It is this fear – the fear of failure – that stops so many children from taking a chance and realising that they’re actually a lot smarter than they think.
In our tuition sessions, we create an environment in which our students feel comfortable enough to say whatever is on their mind as well as actively encouraging them to fail. That’s right, we encourage it. When students practise the art of making a mistake and realise that nothing bad ever comes from it, but rather it gives them the chance to learn and to grow, then we see them begin to excel and to exceed their own expectations.

Create confidence

Success is all about confidence. Ask any successful person and they will tell you, it’s all about having confidence in yourself.
But confidence is not easy to create; it takes time, practice and reassurance. During our sessions we focus on giving direct and instant feedback at every stage of the work process, and not just ticking the right answers at the end of a worksheet. We follow the process from beginning to end, carefully monitoring for what has been done well and rewarding hard work and improvement with immediate praise.
When we do this in our tuition sessions, the confidence of our students grows dramatically.

Use tailor-made teaching methods

Every child is different. Even children of the same parents can be completely different in terms of character, aptitude and ability. So how can we expect to teach the same concept, in the same way, to so many different personalities?
The answer is, we can’t. We’ve seen that if you teach a concept to a child in a certain way and they don’t understand it, it doesn’t help to repeat what you just said. We constantly have to find ways of reinventing and re-imagining our teaching methods and resources until we find the one that sticks – FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL CHILD.
When teaching is approached in this way then the results are immediate and longer lasting.